Family Law: Emerging Trends in Family Law - Technology, Evolving Practice Models and Legal Developments
Author(s): Ontario Bar Association
Publication Date: February 2019
Format: shipped (hardcopy), download (PDF)

The current practice of family law carries its rewards and challenges. Unrepresented family law litigants remain an unmet client demographic. Advances in technology and delivery models may, however, improve access to justice for those needing family law services by streamlining operations and maximizing efficiencies. Technology is altering the courtroom practice of family law as well. And, of course, Bill C78 will modify substantive family law. By attending this Institute program you will gain an understanding of the current and future landscape of family law practice and procedure, and stand better equipped to serve your current and future clients.


Lindsey Love-Forester, Lerners LLP
Laura Oliver, Laura Oliver Family Law


List of Cases and Appeal Routes under the Courts of Justice Act
The Honourable Justice Mary Lou Benotto, The Court of Appeal for Ontario

PracticePRO Resource Links
Yvonne Bernstein, Lawyers' Professional Indemnity Corporation (LawPro)

Law Society of Ontario Resource Links and Guides
Phil Brown, Law Society of Ontario

Emerging Trends with Experts
Mark Chyz, President of Cm2 Media Inc.
Erin Cowling, Flex Legal
Andrew Feldstein, Feldstein Family Law Group P.C.

Some Quick Tips for Lawyers New to Social Media
Erin Cowling, Flex Legal

E-Protocols in Court Rooms and Offices
Jenna Beaton, Martha McCarthy & Company

14B and Affidavit for E-Trial Sample Forms
Jenna Beaton, Martha McCarthy & Company

Ontario's Family Law Limited Scope Services Project Best Practices Guide
Brian Burke, Epstein Cole LLP
Lisa Eisen, Family a la carte

Mediation or Collaborative Practice - Which Is for You?
Victoria Smith, Resolve Dispute Resolution *

Spousal Support: Many Shades of Grey
Jennifer Gold, Wood Gold LLP

Your Everyday Smorgasbord of Child Support Issues
Dana Lue, Ricketts Harris LLP

Moving Forward with the Office of the Children's Lawyer v. Balev
Patric Senson, Office of the Children's Lawyer

Emerging Trends with Experts
Dan Frodis, Frodis Family Law
Martin Pont, ap Valuations Limited

Change is Coming....

Annie Noa Kenet, Kenet Family Law Professional Corporation

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