International Taxation Issues and Challenges in a Fluid Global Landscape
Author(s): Ontario Bar Association
Publication Date: February 2019
Format: shipped (hardcopy), download (PDF)

Over the past year, there have been significant shifts in global trade winds. Anti-dumping duties, tariffs, and extensive U.S. tax reform have led to complicated supply chains for any business that relies on international supply chains. Our experts in both trade and tax strategy will help you understand how to navigate these shifting tides, and how to best position your clients to not get swept away into the embrace of the CRA or the CBSA. Learn from their insight on conflicting considerations, and CBSA practical guidance and implications in the context of transfer pricing.

Explore the recent 2018 U.S. tax reforms, including tax impacts and planning issues, in the context of investment protection rights and treaty shopping, and review the potential exposure on changes to NAFTA. You will also hear about ongoing negotiations amongst Canadian and U.S. officials, and impending developments as a result of same.


Robert Andrew Glasgow, McCarthy Tétrault LLP
Angela Salvatore, Taxation Lawyers


Interaction of Transfer Pricing and Customs
Martha Harrison, McCarthy Tétrault LLP
Melinda Nguyen-Raybould, MNP LLP

The Impact of U.S. Tax Reform
Mark A. Feigenbaum, Feigenbaum Law

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