2018 - Mastering Summary Judgement Motions
Author(s): Ontario Bar Association
Publication Date: November 2018
Format: shipped (hardcopy), download (PDF)

The summary judgment motion can be a powerful tool and a core component of a litigator's toolbox. However, you need to know where summary judgments are appropriate and how these motions can be used effectively, whether you are pursuing or defending them.

Get up to speed on the relevant case law and understand what the judiciary expects for trials and summary judgment motions as we move forward. Leading practitioners and the Bench will provide practical insight regarding the cases that are ideal for quick disposition, how to assemble the motion, and what is expected from counsel at the hearing. Delve deeper into the use of summary judgment motions with faculty from specific practice areas.


Catherine A. Korte, McCague Borlack LLP
Neil Wilson, Stevenson Whelton MacDonald & Swan LLP


Summary Judgment in 2018: Case Law Update
John Adair, Adair Goldblatt Bieber LLP
Hilary Book, Book Law

Is Partial Summary Judgment Dead
Gavin J. Tighe, Gardiner Roberts LLP
Stephen A. Thiele, Gardiner Roberts LLP

Draft Motor Vehicle Coverage Factum
Linda Phillips-Smith, Stieber Berlach LLP

Example Environmental Summary Judgment Factum
Linda Phillips-Smith, Stieber Berlach LLP

Summary Judgement: Nuts and Bolts of Motion preparation Powerpoint Slides
Linda Phillips-Smith, Stieber Berlach LLP

Mastering Summary Judgment Motions: Practice Perspectives Insurance and Tort Liability and Personal Injury
Robert Love, Borden Ladner Gervais LLP

Summary Judgment Motions in Medical Malpractice Actions
Amani Oakley, BSc., MLT, LLB, Oakley & Oakley, P.C.

Summary Judgment In Employment Law
Andrew Monkhouse, Monkhouse Law

Summary Judgement Motions: Keeping up with Fairness, Timeliness and Proportionate Dispute Resolution
Jonathan Kulathungam, Teplitsky, Colson LLP
Rita Benjamen, Teplitsky, Colson LLP, Student at law

Summary Judgment and the Court of Appeal: Venturing a Self Assessment
Appendix A: Summary Judgment Statistics
The Honourable David M. Brown, Court of Appeal for Ontario

Appendix B: Summary Judgment Decisions
The Honourable David M. Brown, Court of Appeal for Ontario

Hamlet's Dilemma: To Summary Judgment or Not to Summary

The Honourable David M. Brown, Court of Appeal for Ontario

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