Criminal Law Primer
Author(s): Ontario Bar Association
Publication Date: November 2018
Format: shipped (hardcopy), download

This is a not-to-be missed primer on your first criminal law matter. Esteemed members of the bench and criminal bar will address everything you need to know from a practical "how-to" perspective. You will gain an overview of bail hearings, Crown and judicial pre-trials, sentencing, trial advocacy, and Charter motions. You will come away with practical resources and tips to help you approach your next (or first) criminal law matter with confidence. Don't pass up this opportunity to maximize your chance of success.


Brock B. Jones, Crown Attorney's Office (Scarborough)
Alexandra Mamo, Lockyer Campbell Posner


Bail Hearings
Jason Balgopal, Crown Attorney's Office (Scarborough)

Preparing for a Bail Hearing
Brian Eberdt, Lockyer Campbell Posner

Some Considerations Regarding the "Just Cause" Grounds for Release/Detention
Her Worship Justice of the Peace Karen Valentine, Ontario Court of Justice

Ontario Court of Justice
Judicial Criminal Pre-trial Best Practices

The Honourable Justice Philip A. Downes, Ontario Court of Justice

The Pretrial - A guideline of the issues from the view of the Crown
Craig Coughlan, Crown Attorney's Office (Scarborough)

Written Instructions to Counsel Regarding Plea
Jody Berkes, Berkes Newton-Smith

Sample Oral Sentencing Submissions - Large Scale Fraud
Andres Hannah-Suarez, Crown Attorney's Office (North York)

Case List
Jody Berkes, Berkes Newton-Smith

Some Thoughts on Trial Advocacy
Kathryn Wells, Crown Attorney's Office (Etobicoke)

Charter Materials in the Ontario Court of Justice:
Tips for Junior Counsel from a Former Defence Lawyer/Current Crown

Anna Martin, Counsel, Public Prosecution Service of Canada

Criminal Claims - Malpractice Fact Sheet

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