Family Law Motions
Author(s): Ontario Bar Association
Publication Date: October 2018
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There is a certain art to preparing and bringing forth motions. Gain unparalleled insight from our expert panel on topics, such as, when to bring a motion, how to prepare a motion and written materials, oral advocacy at a motion hearing, costs, enforcement of orders, aftermath of motions, and more. Don't miss a detailed discussion of best practices and practical tips on how to tailor motions for family law practice and different courthouses, as well as, spotting imperative mistakes to avoid. Brush up your skills.


Melissa J. Fedsin, Stephen Durbin & Associates
Frances M. Wood, Wood Gold LLP


To Bring a Motion or Not to Bring a Motion
Sheri Hirschberg, Sheri Hirschberg Family Law

Act in Haste, Repent at Leisure
How and When to Bring an Urgent Motion or Motion at a Case Conference in Family Law

Malerie Rose and Rebecca Ying, Rose Family Law

Practice Tips for Drafting Motions
Melanie A. Larock, Thomson, Rogers

And Justice For All: Considerations Regarding Enforcing Costs Orders
Andrew Sudano, Shawyer Family Law

Cost Awards in Motions
Melissa J. Fedsin and Sean Johnson, Stephen Durbin & Associates

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