Financial Statements Bootcamp: Reading, Interpreting, Issues Spotting
Author(s): Ontario Bar Association
Publication Date: May 2018
Format: shipped (hardcopy), download (PDF)

Do you sometimes feel in over your head when dealing with financial statements? Join us for an in-depth, practical analysis of financial statements, designed for lawyers. Our financial and legal experts will give you critical tips on effectively analyzing and interpreting financial statements, and equip you with practical insights to take back to your practice on what a financial statement may and may not be telling you. Understand the key components, what typical users of financial statements are interested in analyzing, what key information is not available in the statement, how financial statements are commonly manipulated and other key limitations. You will have the opportunity to reinforce what you learn by participating in group exercises and analyses/discussions. Register now to be a part of this invaluable program.


Matthew Kindree, Pallett Valo LLP
Larry Andrade, Deloitte LLP
Emmy Babalola, Deloitte LLP


Introduction to Financial Statement

Group Exercise

Manipulation and Limitations to Financial Reporting

Barrick Annual Report 2017

Snap Annual Report

Materials submitted by:
Larry Andrade, Deloitte LLP
Emmy Babalola, Deloitte LLP
Terie Chan, Deloitte LLP

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