Anatomy of a Trial
Author(s): Ontario Bar Association
Publication Date: May 2018
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Lawyers who know how to conduct trials tend to achieve the best out-of-court settlements for their clients. Even with trials disappearing, you can master this skill. Lawyers of all levels from the new litigator who has never conducted a trial, to the seasoned veteran, will gain the best techniques for conducting a jury trial or appearing at an administrative tribunal hearing.
You will learn how to handle documents, open and close to a jury, examine and cross-examine witnesses, and much more. A stellar faculty of trial judges from the Superior Court of Justice and experienced trial advocates will demonstrate these skills, and help you understand the tactical and strategic considerations that go into a trial. From demonstrations to debriefs, this program is a must for litigators of all levels, and trial experience. Join us to observe trial advocacy in action.


Brian Bangay, Desjardins Claims Legal Department
John McLeish, McLeish Orlando
Audrey Ramsay, Blouin Dunn LLP
Philippa Samworth, Dutton, Brock LLP


Fact Situation for Anatomy of Trial Program

Final Transcript

Documents You Must Prepare Before Trial
John A. McLeish, McLeish Orlando LLP

Advocating with Persuasive Authority: The Art and Science of Persuasion - Chapter VII
The Honourable Justice Todd L. Archibald, Superior Court of Justice

Exhibit Book
Dr. Brian Abbott CV
CNRs of Dr. Brian Abbott
Dr. Brainded CV
Accountant Gary Principe CV

Witness List and Schedule

Aide Memoire
Report of Dr. I.M. Brainded
Form 53 Dr. I. M. Brainded
Dr. I. M. Brainded CV

Inflammatory, Prejudicial and Other Adjectives: Opening and Closing to the Jury
Brian M. Bangay, Desjardins Claims Legal Department

Questions for Jury #1 (Long without notes)
Questions for Jury #2 (Short without notes)

Persuasive Opening Statement for a Plaintiff: Some Practical Tips
Little Opening
Little Closing

Troy H. Lehman, Oatley, Vigmond Personal Injury Lawyers LLP (Barrie)

Defence Opening Statement
Todd J. McCarthy, Flaherty McCarthy LLP (Whitby)

Effective Direct Examination or Keeping the Jury Awake
Alf M. Kwinter, Singer Kwinter

Anatomy of a Trial: The Cross-Examination of a Plaintiff
James E. Dunn, Aaron Lewicki and Paul Gill, Blouin, Dunn LLP

Communicating with Witnesses During Testimony - Ethical Considerations
Audrey P. Ramsay, Blouin, Dunn LLP

Calling the Treating Expert Witness: Concerns and Considerations
Sloan H. Mandel, Thomson Rogers
Deanna S. Gilbert, Thomson Rogers

Dr. Brian Abbott CV
CNRs of Dr. Brian Abbott

Overview of Expert Evidence and Cross-Examination of the Plaintiff's Treating Doctor
David A. Zuber, Zuber & Company LLP
Jim B. Davidson, Will Davidson LLP
Lauren Tascona, Zuber & Company LLP

Tactics and Strategies that Impress the Trial Judge
The Honourable Justice Jamie K. Trimble, Superior Court of Justice

Accountant Gary Principe CV
Accountant Trial Schedule Samples

Pre-Trial Tips: Be Professional, Practical and Prepared
Tina H. Lie, Paliare Roland Rosenberg Rothstein LLP

Communications with Experts Testifying in Civil Trials
Linda J. Wolanski and Gillian Mays, Bogoroch Associates LLP

Dr. I. M. Brainded CV
Report of Dr. I.M. Brainded
Form 53 Dr. I. M. Brainded

Annotated Cross Examination Transcript
The Annotated Cross Examination
Adam Wagman, Howie, Sacks & Henry LLP

Closing Arguments on Behalf of Defendant
James M. Regan, Q.C. and Angelo G. Sciacca, Regan Desjardins LLP

Jury Charge

Practicable Application of Trial Skills to the LAT
Philippa G. Samworth, Dutton Brock LLP

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