Best Practices for Class Actions Settlements
Author(s): Ontario Bar Association
Publication Date: April 2018
Format: shipped (hardcopy), download (PDF)

Many class actions end in settlements. Join us as leading practitioners walk you through the pertinent aspects of settlement structures, the approval process and the administration of these settlements. Our stellar faculty will navigate the key issues that arise with respect to class action settlements and provide valuable insight into the complexities of this area, so that you can properly advise your clients.


Carlo Di Carlo, Stockwoods LLP
Nicole Henderson, Blake, Cassels & Graydon LLP


Settlement Approval in Class Proceedings
Lisa Lutwak, Waddell Phillips PC
Robin D. Linley, Blake Cassels & Graydon LLP

Amicus Curiae in Class Action Settlement and Fee Approval Hearings
Carlo Di Carlo, Stockwoods LLP
Brendan van Niejenhuis, Stockwoods LLP

The Class Proceedings Fund: Separating Fact from Fiction
Gina Papageorgiou, Class Proceedings Fund

Litigation Funding Roundtable: The Canadian Perspective
Tania Sulan, Bentham IMF
Naomi Loewith, Bentham IMF

Class Actions Settlements Chart
Tania Sulan, Bentham IMF
Simon Gibson, AON Risk Solutions
Gina Papageorgiou, Class Proceedings Fund

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