Successfully Navigating the Expropriation Process
Author(s): Ontario Bar Association
Publication Date: March 2018
Format: shipped (hardcopy), download

With current and proposed LRT construction across the GTA, many people and businesses are being impacted. In the event a client calls you after having received an offer to purchase their property, or has questions or concerns about the value of their property being impacted by construction, would you know how to advise them appropriately? Attend this program to understand the basics of expropriation law and process in Ontario, and to hear expert insights into appraisals, OMB process, a case study on the Hurontario LRT Project and tips for success at a hearing of necessity. Plus walk through a fact scenario with our expert panel and apply the knowledge you have learned.


Raymond Mikkola, Pallett Valo LLP


Overview of Expropriation Law in Ontario
John Russo, Pallett Valo LLP

Hurontario LRT Project (PP)
Joseph Perotta, MCIP, R.P.P., Director, Hurontario LRT Project Office, City of Mississauga

Hearing of Necessity - An Overview
Shane Rayman, Rayman Beitchman LLP
David Campbell, Rayman Beitchman LLP

Role of Real Estate Appraisers within the Expropriation Context
Ken Strong, Strong MacDougall Oudekerk Professional Corporation

Estimating the Impaired Value of Contaminated Property
© Altus Group Limited 2018
Grant Uba, B.A, AACI, M.I.M.A, Senior Director, Research, Valuation and Advisory Group,
Altus Group

You've Accepted Offer ‘B'......What's Next?
Process and Procedure at "The Tribunal" (PP)

Patricia H. Simpson, Director, Property Acquisition Unit, Rapid Transit Project Management Unit, Metrolinx

Pleasantville Rapid Transit - Fact Scenario
Ken Strong, Strong MacDougall Oudekerk Professional Corporation

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