Education for All Students: Diversity and Inclusion in Education
Author(s): Ontario Bar Association
Publication Date: February 2018
Format: shipped (hardcopy), download (PDF)

Some students have a very different education experience from the majority of Ontarians. Faced with discrimination, or a lack of awareness and respect for cultural and religious diversity, the impact on these students can be long lasting. How are school boards working to create an inclusive and diverse environment for all students? What does the Ministry of Education require, and what recourse do students have? Join us to explore the legal obligations and opportunities at this critical program.


Jean-Frédéric Hübsch, Counsel, Office of the Ontario Ombudsman
Wendy Lopez, General Counsel, Catholic Principals Council | Ontario


ON THE GROUND - What do student diversity and inclusion legal issues actually look like?
Andrea Luey, Litigation Counsel at Justice for Children and Youth

Education Equity Action Plan
Patrick Case, Assistant Deputy Minister, Education Equity Secretariat, Ministry of Education

Using Education as a Tool for Reconciliation: Observations from Superior Greenstone District School Board
Nicole Richmond, Director of Justice for the Chiefs of Ontario

Strategies/Best Practices Challenge (In)Equity
Chris D'Souza, Counsel, Office of the Ontario Ombudsman

Indigenous Education in Ontario
Taunya Paquette, Director, Indigenous Education Office
Ministry of Education

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