Assessment of Accounts: Understanding the Process & Procedures
Author(s): Ontario Bar Association
Publication Date: June 2017
Format: shipped (hardcopy), download (PDF)

Every lawyer is bound to have their account assessed at some point in their career. The assessment process can be daunting, frustrating and time consuming. Join us to hear from a stellar faculty on solicitor-client assessments about:
  • The importance of retainer agreements and what terms they should contain
  • The client's right to assess
  • What constitutes special circumstances under the Solicitors Act
  • The right of third parties to assess
  • What happens at an assessment hearing and how to defend your account
  • Costs on assessments


Sahar Cadili, Lawrence, Lawrence, Stevenson LLP


The Client's Right to Assess a Lawyer's Account
Mark Orkin, Q.C.

The Importance of Retainer Agreements and their relevance to the Solicitor-Client Relationship
Edwin Upenieks, Lawrence, Lawrence, Stevenson LLP
Angela Kwok, Lawrence, Lawrence, Stevenson LLP

Solicitor-Client Assessments 101
Lucy Bender, Regional Hearings Officer

Assessment of Account: Understanding the Process & Procedure
Charlotte Chiba, Assessment Officer, Toronto

Unpaid Legal Bills: The Door to Assess a Lawyer's Accounts Remains

Steven Benmor, Benmor Family Law Group

Supporting Materials

Retainer Letter
Steven Benmor, Benmor Family Law Group

In defence of the billable hour
Steven Benmor, Benmor Family Law Group

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