Appeals Process in Workplace Safety and Insurance Law
Author(s): Ontario Bar Association
Publication Date: May 2017
Format: shipped (hardcopy), download (PDF)

When a WSIB decision is appealed it proceeds to the WSIB Appeals Service Division (ASD) and then, if unsuccessful, the Workplace Safety and Insurance Appeals Tribunal (WSIAT). In order to navigate this system effectively, you must be familiar with both the WSIB-ASD and WSIAT Practice and Procedures.

Learn how these Appeals systems function and gain practical tips on the required forms, making written submissions and obtaining relevant documents. Understand how to obtain and evaluate medical evidence and advocate at hearings by making effective oral arguments. Leading experts will assist you in dealing with complex medical issues and handling Occupational Disease Appeals. A panel of WSIAT Vice-Chairs and WSIB Appeals Officers will provide key tips on how to present a persuasive case.


Stephen C. Roberts, McTague law Firm (Windsor)
Michelle Zare, Zare Paralegal Services Professional Corp. (Hamilton)


WSIB and WSIAT Appeals System
Michelle Lomazzo, Lomazzo Worker's Compensation Appeals P.C. (Windsor)

Access to and Payment for Health Records for a WSIB or WSIAT Proceedings
Submitted By: Robert Boswell, Crawford Chondon & Partners LLP (Barrie)

Tackling Medical Issues: Considerations When Requesting Expert Reports
Michael Kelly, Kelly + Singh LLP (Burlington)

WSIB Operational Policy
Submitted By: Michelle Zare, Zare Paralegal Services Professional Corp. (Hamilton)

Tackling Medical Issues
Cézanne Charlebois, Charlebois Associates (London)

Occupational Disease Appeals: WSIAT Practice Directions and Decisions
Michelle Alton, General Counsel, WSIAT

Occupational Disease Appeals: A Worker Representative's Perspective
Laura Vurma, Legislative Interpretation Specialist, Office of the Worker Adviser

Workplace Safety and Insurance Law: Cool Panels on Hot Topics Occupational Disease Appeals
Laura A. Russell, Paralegal, CompClaim
Hilary Grice, Student-at-Law, CompClaim

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