Rural and Recreational Properties: Unique Considerations for Smooth Transactions
Author(s): Ontario Bar Association
Publication Date: May 2017
Format: shipped (hardcopy), download (PDF)

For many in Ontario, the family cottage is an important part of their lifestyle. Additionally, as the residential market heats up in urban centers, more people are opting to purchase homes in rural areas. The purchase and sale of these types of properties involve distinct issues that real estate lawyers must thoroughly understand to properly assist their clients.

Whether you are new to wells, septic systems, road access, and tricky title insurance issues, or you have been dealing with them for some time, gain the tools you need to handle the difficult challenges that arise in rural and recreational property transactions. Hear from our esteemed faculty on the recent spike in timeshares, fractional and vacant land condominiums, and short-term rentals made more popular by online services such as Airbnb. Benefit directly from the practical advice of our expert faculty and stay ahead of the curve on these unique transactions.


Nathalie Tinti, Barriston LLP
Patrick Lassaline, Downey Tornosky Lassaline & Timpano Law


Septics - Gaining Approval / Inspections
Robert ‘Pepi' Murrell, Pepi Sewage Disposal Services

Title Insurance in the Context of Rural and Cottage Properties
Homer A. Frank, Solicitor and Notary

APPENDIX- Stewart Title Multi Unit Table

Vacant Land Condominiums: Advising the Purchaser
Lisa V. Roszell, Barriston LLP

Rural Property Issues
Nathalie Tinti, Barriston LLP

Cottage Access - Maneuvering through rights of way and easements
Sabrina A. Lucenti, Dooley Lucenti LLP

Fractional Ownership and Timeshares
Paul Rabinovitch, HGR Graham Partners LLP
Mike Podrebarac, HGR Graham Partners LLP

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