Litigating Disability Claims
Author(s): Ontario Bar Association
Publication Date: September 2016
Format: shipped (hardcopy), download (PDF)

Continuing disabilities present complex issues for you and your clients and claims can be very tricky to settle. Help your clients control costs and minimize prolonged litigation by ensuring you are up to date on the latest legal developments and trends affecting disability claims. Our expert faculty will also provide you with keen insights on relevant medical conditions so you can better prepare and present your claim and utilize expert reports.


Roseanna R. Ansell-Vaughan, Schultz Frost LLP
Amanda McBride, McBride & Shields Professional Corporation


Best Practices for Retaining and Communicating With Experts in Disability Claims
Roseanna Ansell-Vaughan, Schultz Frost LLP

Understanding the Medicine Behind the Law and its Impact on your Case
Laura Camarra, Camarra Law

Mental Health Treatment - Changing Perceptions and Changing Needs
Karen Seward, SCM Health Solutions
Dr. Avi Orner, SCM Health Solutions

Resiliency - The Hidden Workplace Impact
Karen Seward, SCM Health Solutions

Accused of Behaving Badly: How to limit the impact of bad faith in disability claims
Amanda McBride, McBride & Shields PC
Daniel Michaud-Shields, McBride & Shields PC

How to Handle Claims for Unreported Income
David Share, Share Lawyers

Signs an Insurer Has Failed to Adjudicate on a Good Faith Basis:
Bad Faith, Aggravated, And Extra-Contractual Basis

Brad Moscato, Howie, Sacks & Henry LLP
Wendy Betteley, Howie, Sacks & Henry LLP

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