CBA Universal Membership Jurisdictions

The online PD offerings listed below are eligible for registration using the new additional benefit available exclusively to members from CBA Universal Membership Jurisdictions (one complimentary online PD session of 1.5 hours or less).

  1. Select the online PD session you want to register for;
  2. Click the “Register Now” button;
  3. When you do, a separate window will open displaying a designated phone number and email address at each CBA Branch and the CCCA office that will process your complimentary registration;
  4. Contact the CBA Branch or the CCCA office that is offering the online PD session you have selected, and register for the event.

The list of PD sessions being made available to members of CBA Universal Membership Jurisdictions will be updated on a continuing basis. If you are unable to identify a relevant session to your liking, additional sessions from our Branches and the CCCA will be added over the coming weeks.


In Person (1)

Live Online (6)

Recorded Online / Videos (159)

Bundled PD Sessions (0)

Title Subject Area Date Location
POLICE POWERS VIS-À-VIS CHARTER RIGHTS Constitutional and Human Rights Law Dec. 5, 2017 NB, Fredericton

Alberta Branch is pleased to offer CBA New Brunswick members complimentary attendance at one Section meeting, either through our North or South Sections. Please consult our online calendar at to see which Section meetings are available as a webcast, then contact our Section registrars directly to register for the meeting:

Alberta North: Heather Walsh 780-428-1230 Send email
Alberta South: Linda Chapman 403-218-4313 Send email